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Helping patients navigate the complex healthcare system.

Your Love. Our Care.

An Integrated Health System


We are serving the people of North Carolina. Of the community, for the community, HealthKeeperz is a purpose-driven company, committed to caring for all people for the glory of God. 

We bring our expertise and consultation to end of life care (hospice), case management, as well as offer an array of home medical products.

What We Provide

Healthkeeperz Hospice is dedicated to providing the highest quality of compassionate care during the end of life journey. We are passionate about making the end of someone's life as comfortable as possible for both the passing loved one and their family and friends.

Hospice Care


HealthKeeperz delivers case management services aimed at helping our patients avoid hospitalizations while maintaining their independence at home. By integrating home health, hospice, and home medical equipment and supplies, HealthKeeperz has the unique ability to add value to the healthcare continuum for the people of North Carolina. Our primary goal is to assist our patients as they make choices that improve their overall health status. 

CAP Case Management


The HealthKeeperz home medical equipment and supplies division helps patients and families across North Carolina maintain independence, dignity, and an active lifestyle. We deliver products and supplies that allow patients to do the things they have always done and enjoy the things they have always enjoyed. Often, the right products make all the difference in the lives of our patients and their family members. 

Home Medical Supplies


We Plan, We Provide,
You Focus On What's Important

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to execution of care and delivery of products. You can count on the utmost professionalism and compassion at every stage of care.

What Do You Do?

Your situation and story are important to us. We want to listen to where you are and what needs you have to ensure we can create a plan that will be most beneficial.

Reach Out to Us


Your initial contact allows us to learn you and your needs. The next step would be speaking with a professional with expertise in the fields that you need assistance.

Schedule a Consult


During your consult, you'll be given clear instruction on what your next steps will be to receive care for you or your loved one. Complete what's needed so we can begin to assist.

Help Us Help You


Once we have all that we need, you feel comfortable and educated, and you are ready to begin services, we will remove the burdensome parts of the needed care.

Initiate Services


Paperwork, finding care or products, taking phone calls, filing and fulfilling should be the least of your concern. We have you covered. Focus on your loved ones.

Focus On What Matters



HealthKeeperz Respiratory Care is a leader in comprehensive home respiratory care. I am beyond thankful they were able to provide all we needed for my mother. A burden lifted.


We are so thankful for Healthkeeperz Home Medical Equipment. They provided us, our family, with literally everything we needed for our patients. Now we can focus on providing excellent care.


Not only did Healthkeeperz take care of our father, but they provided chaplain services that really helped us find joy in his last moments and cope with his passing. We are beyond thankful.


Figuring out what services we needed and how to get them was so intimidating. So many papers and so many websites. Thankful Healthkeeperz walked with us every step of the way.



Home Health Statistics


Patient Satisfaction

Extremely Satisfied with Care


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